ECG for Everybody

Heart Care Platform
Heart Health, Fitness, Stress level: Check, Track, Improve
Powered by: Aggregated expertise, Crowdsourcing, Big Data, AI

MISSION: To provide heart health check solution align with nowadays expectation in terms of speed, availability and reliability.

VISION: Save your heart for a nice thrills, save your loved ones.


About: ECG for Everybody is Mobile, Complete, Heart Health, Fitness and Stress level check solution.

Heart Care Platform is a device-software platform for ECG recording, Big data collecting and analyzing in order to estimate overall heart health condition, stress/fitness levels to track and provide personalized advising through AI Big data analysis as well as through crowdsourcing mechanisms.



Heart health check by our physician may be requested at any time from anywhere.


User records on the platform provide a complete telemetry solution for health monitoring, recovery tracking, for better communicate.


Get the wisdom of the crowd, provide useful comments, receive much more. Rise a new Crowdsourcing theme, get wisdom of the crowd.

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Pulse detection, HRV analysis using only mobile device camera. Check, track, compare your results. more


Realtime analysis already in the the ECG, PPG source, rhythm, HRV, stress, continuous blood pressure. more


Generates various ECG signals using mobile app and unique device. Capture generated ECG by any ECG device. Test students with various real time generated ECGs more


Continuous cuff free blood pressure trend monitoring.


Check your target zone by using PPG or ECG heart rate estimation in our mobile app. .


Mobile, up to six leads, with/without electrodes. Unique design with dozen time reduced manufacture price more

Mobile ECG sensing Extender

Key features are:
  • Electrodes free Up to six leads ECG
  • Dozen time reduced manufacturing price
  • 12 leads ECG sequentially
  • Available connector for electrodes
  • Without battery

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Mobile ECG Application

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Key features:

This app requires Mobile ECG Sensing Extender,
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Camera Heartbeat Detection

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Application uses camera to provide:

  • Heart rate
  • Crowdsourcing
  • HRV analysis
  • Fitness level
  • Stress level
  • Cardio calculations

Mobile ECG Generator (Simulator)

Mobile ECG Generator is a unique solution for a various ECG signal simulation.

Mobile ECG Generator is realized as a mobile application and appropriate hardware which transforms mobile device output to the standard ECG signal which can be captured using any ECG device.

Simulated ECG signal may be chosen from a set provided by the mobile application or it can be generated using [ECGSYN]. By using ECGSYN, any ECG shape can be generated by Mobile ECG Generator.

This solution may be interesting for educative medical institutions.

Mobile ECG Extender Electrodes free USage


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